Inflatable Life Jackets

The inflatable lifejacket is produced according to European standard EN396:1993/A1:1998 and refer to international standard MSC.81(70) relevant requirements.
It consists of one air chamber which made of TPU nylon composite material, automatic or manual inflation device, CO2 cylinder, oral inflation tube and outer cover.
In the emergent situation when falling into water, it can be inflated by the automatic inflation device within 5 seconds or by manually pulling the toggle.
It’s suitable for offshore lifesaving, also used as personal protective sportswear.

Available Colors: Orange, Blue

  • Weight: ≤1kg
  • Freeboard: ≥100mm
  • Inflation time: ≤5s
  • Floating duration: ≥ 24h
  • Buoyancy: ≥150N
  • Buoyancy loss after: 24h≤5%
  • Ambient temperature for use: -30℃ ~ +65℃
Code Inflation Type 
901101 Auto
901102 Manual

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