Hot Dip Galvanized US Type Danforth Anchor

The Danforth Fluke Anchor US Type is made of hot dip galvanized carbon steel. Performs quite well in mud and sand. When set correctly, the flukes can penetrate the bottom with a lot of force, resulting in excellent holding power. Tapered shank with chamfered edges for deeper seabed penetration. Fluke angle for roll stability and dependability.


  • Style: Pivoting fluke
  • Material: Hot dip galvanized steel
  • Application: Sand and mud
  • Pros: Performs quite well in mud and sand. Stows easily on most bow rollers
  • Cons: Limited or no holding in grassy, rock or clay bottoms
Code Weight lb
101204 4
101206 6
101208 8
101213 13
101218 18
101222 22
101225 25
101240 40

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